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Hi, I'm Gabi! I’m a geochemist, science communicator, and patient advocate based in Boston.

My name is pronounced GAH-bee, not Gabby, because I’m Mexican-American and that is the pronunciation in Spanish. It’s the same “a” sound as taco and flan! I use both of my last names, without a hyphen (pronounced Ser-AH-toe Marks)! My pronouns are she/her/hers.

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’ve been up to lately. 

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I earned my PhD in marine geology and geophysics from the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in August 2020.

My primary research was in the MIT McGee Lab, which focuses on ancient climate records. I study past rainfall changes in Mexico using stalagmites. I transitioned to a postdoc position in the same lab after completing my PhD, and I'm now a full-time freelancer.

Before grad school, I earned my BA in Earth and Oceanographic Science at Bowdoin College.

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Although I'm no longer working directly in geoscience research, I learned so many useful skills in grad school. I can organize international collaborations, analyze data, and quickly identify the most important information in a long document. I can also rappel into a cave, but that's not usually relevant.

What I learned as a scientist

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