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Dr. Gabi Serrato Marks is an MIT-trained scientist with a passion for expanding access to science. As a Partner at Stellate Communications, she primarily supports academic researchers, facilitating greater engagement with scientific and non-scientific audiences alike. Gabi received her B.A. at Bowdoin College and her doctorate in geochemistry from MIT. Her research focused on generating records of past climate change using cave deposits.

She enjoys creating all types of media: Gabi has published work in Scientific American, Audubon, and the PBS Eons YouTube Channel, and has been featured in several articles and podcasts (Nature Career Guide, Physics Today, Disability Visibility). Gabi also co-edited Uncharted, an anthology of personal stories from disabled scientists. You can find Gabi on Twitter as @gserratomarks, or in Boston drinking iced coffee with her husband and two cats, Spock and Moose.

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